Primtac Personnel Limited provides permanent recruitment services for all roles across all industries in Dublin and all major regional areas throughout Ireland.
Whether you are a candidate searching for a great role or an employer seeking top talent, Primtac Personnel has experienced consultants who are here to assist you.

Call our 24/7 recruitment

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Primtac Personnel LTD Offers Clients:

  • A thorough 14-step recruitment process
  • A permanent staffing solution that adds value to your bottom line
  • Top performer profiling using advanced assessment tools
  • Expert consultants with extensive networks and knowledge

What is the end result?

  • The positions are filled quickly with the right staff
  • You hire employees who possess the traits of an exceptional performer
  • You receive an effective
  • outsourced staffing solution

How is it done?

The Primtac Personnel LTD consultant meets with the relevant managers to assess your recruiting requirements. From there, we will work to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace culture. This will allow us to analyse the key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for each position required in your organisation. Your Primtac Personnel LTD consultant will then be able to send you a short-list of the best candidates based on your requirements.

What is the payoff?

The cost of a vacant position or the wrong hire is substantial. You can easily compare the value of your top performers in relation to poorer performers to see how quickly an investment in a superior recruiting method can reap rewards. What managers and businesses need most is better talent and that is what Primtac Personnel LTD provides. We offer exceptional recruitment services that save you money and improve the productivity of your business.