Introduction to Primtac Personnel’s Recruitment Journal 16/05/2022

Hello and welcome to Primtac Personnel’s recruitment Blog. It’s hard to make an introductory line interesting.

My name is Conor and I am a recruitment consultant focusing on permanent placements in the Engineering Sector. 

I have been tasked with jotting down some noteworthy pieces on the Recruitment Profession. 

There is plenty to talk about, and while a lot of the content will be research based and relevant to the job, industry and the recruitment process in general, I want to have some fun with it. 

If this miraculously takes off and there is interest in the content, feel free to send on some suggestions for articles or research.

With agencies around the world, the ERF here in Ireland, as well as podcasts and youtube clips, people can get a fairly in-depth understanding iof recruitment with a few clicks of the mouse. 

A lot of it seems to be fairly formal though. I often find myself holding back a yawn, or reverting to looking at Wordle practice to hone my skills and show everyone in the office how extensive my vocabulary is. 

For anyone involved in the industry, I would like this read to be something a little different. I can promise you I will not discuss motivational quotes/stories, something my cat did while I was working from home, a wise life lesson from a 5 year old, our agency’s trips to Ibiza, or the housing crisis. 

I plan on interviewing with some of my peers in the industry, going through some market trends that may help/hinder recruiters, writing about experiences of the highs and lows of recruitment, and maybe the odd poem.

Bye for now.

“I might touch base in a week or so, see how you’re getting on”

“I plan on having something worth looking at”

“Thanks in advance”

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